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  Aviation IT Solutions That Drive Your Revenue

Today’s aviation business needs tomorrow’s solutions. Speed, reliability and business intelligence in combination with data security is what drives your business of tomorrow.

KOUKIS AVIATION is founded by George Koukis, who built Temenos, world’s largest and most integrated Banking Software company. George Koukis worked for Qantas in the early days of his career.

Koukis Aviation offers airlines and aviation companies integrated IT solutions to address the industry’s ever-growing need for real time information and to meet aviation specific regulatory requirements. KOUKIS AVIATION delivers exactly what you need, from small to big, and our applications are serving the aviation industry with more than 100 installations worldwide.

KOUKIS nGEN is the latest release of our aviation MRO/M&E technology that has more than 100 installations worldwide.
KOUKIS nGEN Flight Operations. The latest release of our scalable integrated flight operations module that allows you to get better control over your operations
KOUKIS nGEN Crew Management automates your crew scheduling. Based on predefined rules, KOUKIS crew management helps you to efficiently generate crew duties, crew pairing and much more, utilizing the latest development technologies to ensure that your future needs are covered.
KOUKIS Cargo is our integrated air cargo solution that helps increase your air cargo revenue. Cargo Operations with integrated revenue accounting makes sure that everything that flies is correctly rated, invoiced and correct revenue is reported.
KOUKIS ACCESS is our IATA compliant gateway service for seamless system-to-system communication between you and your business at a fraction of the traditional costs.