Air Cargo is a vital part of the global economy with an estimated 65.6 million tons forecasted to be carried globally in 2019. With e-commerce and other expansions in world trade this number is expected to grow fast.

Whether you are operating freighters or passenger/cargo aircraft to carry air cargo, KOUKIS AVIATION has the tools to help you increase your revenue with KOUKIS CARGO, a fully integrated cargo solution that integrates cargo operations and revenue accounting. KOUKIS CARGO handles all requirements of today’s air cargo carriers.

KOUKIS CARGO – The smartest way to do cargo!

Cargo Module Browser

Agent portal to give your business partners online access to:

  • Quote;

  • Booking;

  • AWB Information/Reprint

  • Invoices/Invoice Statement;

  • Statement of Account;

  • Online Payment;

  • AWB Tracking Information.

Our CARGO SALES module lets you define and automate sales strategies to help you increase cargo revenue. In combination with our powerful and flexible rating engine, you can create and activate complex sales strategies and sales promos.

The ultimate cargo rating engine allowing automation and implementation of any type of rate and sales strategy. Examples:

  • Incentive based rating;

  • Promo Rates;

  • All contract rates;

  • Blocked Space Agreements;

  • IATA TACT (Optional)

  • Spot Rates

  • More

Ultimate flexibility regarding flight management for your cargo operations:

  • Upload SSIM Flight Schedule
  • Flight Management;
  • Activate/Deactivate Flights;
  • Flight Capacity Set Up
  • ULD Management.

Fully automated cargo capacity planning set to follow your rules and priorities.

  • AWB Entry/Edit/Print;
  • Label Printing;
  • Plan Shipments (Manifesting)
  • AWB Routing
  • Change Flight
  • Deliver Shipment
  • Return to Shipper
  • CCCA
  • AWB Tracking
  • AWB Status
  • IATA Dangerous Goods (Optional)

Integrated cargo revenue accounting to ensure that everything that is entered in operations and flies is captured, rated and invoiced correctly. Simplified business processes to assist your users to eliminate manual processes and speed up your billing cycle.

  • Auto Invoicing
  • System driven simplified debit/credit memo process
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Centralized credit control
  • More.

The cargo reporting module allows your users to create customized reports, save them as templates and share them with other users.

KOUKIS CARGO interfaces with your G/L via XML based Interfaces for:

  • Oracle
  • SAP

Mobile applications give your agents and your users access to relevant functions and information. Whether it is your agent booking online or your sales force creating promos or a cargo sales manager entering a spot rate, our mobile app gets the job done.